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Hi and welcome to Character Cube, online home of Kenneth Anderson!


I am a professional character designer and illustrator based in the United Kingdom with 14+ years experience working between games, animation and illustration. My specialties are story driven character based illustration and character design for a variety of mediums, in particular childrens television development.


I have a background in traditional 2D animation having worked on Sylvain Chomet's Oscar nominated film "The Illusionist" (2010) as an inbetweener followed by animating on the French feature, "Titeuf: Le film" (2011).


In 2009 I started my business Character Cube with the aim of becoming a freelance character designer and illustrator. I have since worked with numerous companies around the world such as Nick Jr, Seasame Workshop, BBC Ceebeebies, Brown Bag Films, ImagineFX and others on a wide variety of projects.


If you are interested in bespoke character design for your project or need a fun and lively illustration please email me here:


For my full background please visit my linked in profile.


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Other Worlds - fantasy illustration

Other Worlds / personal illustration ^

Other Worlds - fantasy illustration

Land Ahoy! / personal illustration ^

Bug Chaser / character sketch ^

Bug Chaser / character turnaround ^

Bug Chaser / character poses ^

Cursed Treasure / personal illustration ^

Treasure Island / character line-up, personal project ^

Long John SIlver / character exploration, personal project  ^

Pirate Sketches / personal work ^

Character Sketches / personal work ^

Critter / character exploration ^

Monsters / character explorations ^

Monstervinci / personal illustration ^

Viking! / character exploration ^

Viking sketches / character explorations ^

Clockwork Dragon / Oxford University Press illustration sample ^

In the Garden / illustration sample ^

Secret Suppers / Saga Magazine illustration / Jan 2011 ^

Stuffocation / Saga Magazine illustration ^

Stuffocation / Saga Magazine illustration ^

Enchanted Forest Board Game / box illustration / © Ravensburger ^

Enchanted Forest Board Game / card illustrations / © Ravensburger ^

Orangutans / character sketches ^

Boxers / character sketches ^

ImagineFX / cover illustration and workshop tutorial ^

Upside Down / personal illustration ^

Fan art

TMNT / personal fan art illustration ^

Links - Interviews / Publications / Tutorials

Character Design Quarterly / Issue 04 - Interview ^

Clients / Credits

Previous clients:

Nick Jr

Seasame Workshop

Brown Bag Films

BBC Cbeebies

Imagine FX

Disney Interactive

Uber Agency

Tandem Films

Axis Animation


Proper Games


Saga Magazine

Mighty Play

Tern Television


Tiger Games


Forest Pruzan

BES Animation

Trickstar Games



Previous employers:

Digital Goldfish/Ninja Kiwi

Ink Digital




Bitz and Bob (2018) /  Character designer

Top Wing (2017)  /  2D Designer (Background character design)

Exchange Student Zero (2015)  /  2D designer (Model packs, character turnarounds)

Monster Beach (2014)  /  2D Designer (Model packs, character turnarounds, backgrounds)

Titeuf le Film (2011)  /  Key animator and clean up artist

The Illusionist (2010)  /  Inbetweener and clean up artist


More coming soon...



All illustration and character design © Kenneth Anderson 2018 /